Local 21 elects leaders to the eleven union officer positions which comprise our Executive Committee (EC). the leadership and decision-making body functions as an advisory board to our local’s Delegate Assembly. Our current officers were sworn in at the Local 21 Delegate Assembly on January 2015 and will serve a three-year term.

Local 21 Executive Committee

President-  Dean Coate, dcoate@ifpte21.org

Executive Vice President - Sue Guest, sue.guest@ifpte21.org


Vice President for Membership & Organization- David Herring, dherring@ifpte21.org



Vice President for Legislative & Political Action- Tom Manley, tmanley@ifpte21.org



At-Large Vice President-  Larry Griffin, lgriffin@ifpte21.org



East Bay Vice President, Cheryl Penick, cpenick@ifpte21.org



Oakland Vice President,  Renee Sykes, rsykes@ifpte21.org

San Francisco Vice President-  Gus Vallejo, gusvallejo@ifpte21.org


South Bay Vice President-  Ananth Prasad, ananth.prasad@ifpte21.org



Treasurer- Moses Corrette, moses@ifpte21.org  



Secretary- Eileen Housteau, eross@ifpte21.org