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How Does Local 21 Work?


Union governance may seem like a very complex issue. Who makes the decisions? How does Local 21 work? What do Councils do? What about Chapters? What happens at the Delegate Assembly? How many people go to that? Luckily, we break it all down for you below!

The Local 21 Resistance Program


IFPTE Local 21 recognizes that our union of workers is under attack.  Cuts to federal funding stand to threaten our jobs and the services we provide our communities. Attacks on public workers, workers’ rights, and labor unions are the most severe since we won the right to unionize and have a voice in our workplaces.

Senate to consider US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch


The U.S. Senate will consider the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court.  Judge Gorsuch's record indicates that he does not rule in the interest of working families or labor unions. 

Member Leaders Successfully Push for a Fairer Telematics Policy


City unions, including Local 21, shared Supervisor Yee’s goals for pedestrian safety, but were apprehensive that the legislation could be used to unfairly discipline employees.

New Retirement Board Member Ready to Be the Voice of City Workers on the Board


“A big thank you to all who worked so diligently on the campaign. I’m ready to do the work that I was elected for- getting our investment returns up, increasing transparency, and being a voice for City workers,” said Mr. Casciato.

Local 21 Members Overwhelmingly Approve Tentative Extension Agreement, Secure 6% Wage Increases Over 2 Years


On March 7 CCSF Local 21 members voted on overwhelmingly to ratify the Tentative Extension Agreement (TEA) in what was the highest number of votes cast on a contract ratification in recent years. 95% of those who cast ballots voted in favor of the Extension Agreement.

Show us the Facts on Health Costs


It was standing room only at the state hearing in San Francisco on transparency in health care costs earlier this month.

Local 21 Members are Making Racial Equity a Priority


Local 21 members are participating in yearlong trainings on advancing Racial Equity in government.  The program is produced by the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and features a structured curriculum that “advances racial equity and transforms government.”

DC Lawmakers tell Local 21 Members: Make More Noise!


That was the message from Bay Area members of Congress to Local 21 at our International Union's Legislative Conference in Washington DC earlier this month.