A New Financial Systems Program is Coming- and Local 21 Members are Making Sure it Runs Smoothly


Since 2015, the City and County of San Francisco has been working to get its new Financial Systems Project (F$P) ready, and now it’s ready to launch.

Employee Development Fund Victory & Update!


We’re very happy to announce that after diligently working with the City’s Department of Human Resources (DHR) to resolve both the systemic problems and the individual ones, we believe we’ve reached a solution that will dramatically improve the program going forward!

Local 21 is adopting a Trumpcare phone bank on July 12! Food will be provided.


Local 21 is adopting a phone bank on July 12! Come by to talk to voters whose Representatives are supporting Trumpcare. Help them to speak up and be heard! Food will be provided.

South Bay Members Support Bridging the Generational Gap Among Workers


Most workplaces have four generations under their roofs – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. ES and PMA members at the Santa Clara Valley Water District are finishing up their first year by celebrating the qualities and skills of each age group.

Local 21 Delegate Assembly: Strategic Resistance


The overarching theme for the May Delegate Assembly was resistance. “We cannot handle business as usual, as though nothing has changed. We need to be strategic in our preparations for what’s coming, and be ready to fight back against any attacks that negatively impact the rights of our members.”

Trumpcare is Wildly Unpopular, But Congress Thinks They Can Get Away With It Anyway


Come to one of these phone banks and talk to voters whose Representatives are supporting Trumpcare. Help them to speak up and be heard!

Congress to Californians: Don’t Get Sick


The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) evaluation is out for Trumpcare, the healthcare bill passed by the House of Representatives this month to replace the Affordable Care Act. The score isn’t good for Californians or Local 21 members.

Local 21 Welcomes New Richmond Executive Management Chapter


Proving the adage, “the boss is the best organizer,”the new Richmond Executive Management chapter unionized almost unanimously when the City of Richmond tried to balance the budget on executive managers’ backs by forcing them to take a 13% pay cut.

Personal Relationships and Your Workplace- What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You


Caring for your best friend while they recover from surgery? You may be leaving paid sick time on the table. You have until May 19 to change that!