Local 21 and Kaiser Healthcare Vice President Come Together


Lead by Area Vice President for the Public Sector, Kate Kessler, the group had a productive conversation about ways to work together to promote member wellness.

Help Save Local 21 Members’ Jobs


Vote No on Proposition M

Elect Al and Protect Your Retirement Benefits!


Local 21 and almost all other city employee unions have joined with the retiree organization, Protect Our Benefits (POB) to endorse former Retiree Board President Al Casciato for the San Francisco Retirement Board.

SF Council Meets to Discuss an Extension Offer From the City


The Local 21 San Francisco Council held a special meeting last week to discuss a potential extension of the current CCSF contract, which expires on June 30, 2017. Local 21’s Council leaders from around the city overwhelmingly agreed that the City’s informal salary offer was too low to merit a contract extension and waiving the right to bargaining over other issues.

Employer Tries to Get Around Local 21 to Contract Out Jobs, Loses, and Ends Up Paying Members Money


Local 21 in Contra Costa recently settled an unfair labor practice charge after the County illegally contracted out bargaining unit work.

Anti-Union Pension Decision is a Slap in the Face for Public Employees


A Marin County court ruling found that there is no absolute right to a fixed pension benefit or to specific pension calculations.The decision a shock to public employees in California.

Guest Speaker Announced for October Delegate Assembly


We are excited to announce Barry Broad as our Special Guest Speaker for the October Delegate Assembly.

Cupertino Scores Contract Campaign Victory


After months of member actions and overcoming a number of obstacles, Local 21 CEA members ratify a great contract with a 100% yes vote!

Local 21 Executive Committee Adopts New Complaint Procedures


You can review the new policy here.

DHR Director Addresses Public Employee Committee Unions, Suggests Possible Extension of Union Contracts


Contract bargaining season is almost upon us, as guest speaker Micki Callahan, Director of San Francisco’s Department of Human Resources (DHS), reminded us at the September Public Employee Committee (PEC) meeting.