The Truth About the Economy

Many people at the Local 21 Delegate Assembly on June 18 were very impressed with our keynote speaker, labor attorney Chris Platten’s remarks.  In Chris’ speech he referred to former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich’s recent six point analysis of the weak American economy.

Robert Reich connects the dots on the problem with the economy, in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds.  Chris Platten takes it further, discussing the impact on the public sector and unionized public employees, what we face, and what we can do about it. 

  1. Economy doubles since 1980, but wages flat.   Where did the money go?

  2. All gains from the economy go to the super rich.  and…

  3. With money comes political power.   Taxes on super rich slashed. This leads to…

  4. Huge budget deficits.    Middle agitated. Fight for scraps.

  5. Middle class is divided.  Buying and bargaining slow.  Resulting in…

  6. Anemic recovery

Only way to have a strong economy is with a strong Middle Class