Local 21 Welcomes New Chapter: Association of Maintenance and Supervisory Personnel

The Association of Maintenance and Supervisory Personnel (AMSP) in the City of San Jose voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with IFPTE Local 21! Several of our chapter leaders joined Local 21 Staff, Lobbyist Tom Saggau, Executive Director Bob Muscat, and Attorney Chris Platten in our presentation to the group a short time ago.

The Bargaining Unit of 70 has been part of the San Jose Negotiations Coalition, which includes Local 21’s AEA and CAMP chapters. AMSP has been negotiating with AEA and CAMP over the last two years. 

“AMSP’s leadership agreed that during these unprecedented times of turmoil, the best way to regain some of the public trust is to align with people who have the same beliefs as we do,” said AMSP President Dale Dapp. “After working closely with IFPTE Local 21 over the past two budget seasons, it became apparent that our goals are aligned to maintain staff who are treated fairly, while also trying to maintain the best services we can deliver. Providing a united front to City management, clearly demonstrating that we understand the problem and are working toward resolution is important to us, and we are excited to make our relationship official!”

 AMSP leaders were introduced at Local 21’s August 16 South Bay Council meeting.