Local 21 Gets Schooled to Fight Prop. 32

During June and July, more than 1,000 union members attended campaign trainings held all over the state. With their newfound skills, these leaders will serve as the core of labor’s effort to defeat Proposition 32 on the November ballot. 

If passed, Prop. 32 would prohibit union members from making voluntary donations (via payroll deductions) to their union for candidates running for office. The same forces that led attacks in Wisconsin are now here in California, and their goal is simple: get labor out of politics so they can secure tax breaks for those who need them least, curb health benefits and retirement security for public employees, and eliminate the right of unions to negotiate working conditions and salaries.

More than a dozen Local 21 members attended the trainings and are ready to defeat Prop. 32. Congrats to Local 21’s Campaign School grads!

Contra Costa County: Sue Guest, Tim Carlisle, Joanne Genet, & Scott Hutchinson

East Bay MUD: Joey Smith

Oakland: Sean Gillis, Joe DeVries, Cookie Robles-Wong, & Renee Sykes

San Francisco: Julie Ford, Terry Treskin, & Hakam Ibrahim

San Jose: Linden Skjeie