Rally for Immigration Reform

On October 5, 2013, immigrant communities, faith, labor, and civil rights groups, will join in marches and rallies in over 40 cities across our nation calling for Congress to pass immigration reform in 2013.  We will be marching for commonsense immigration reform with legalization that leads to citizenship, legal immigration rules that promote family unity and protect worker rights, an end to the destruction of our families through deportations, and a halt to the rush towards massive wasteful spending on unneeded border militarization and for profit immigrant detention prisons.

Groups will are marching for an America where our hard work is honored; where our many contributions to the nation are respected and where our families and children can dream of building lives of dignity and without fear. We cannot let the continued failures of Washington result in more families torn apart, more abusive employers and poverty wages, more children who cannot dream. It’s time to raise our voices and make sure Congress hears our call for Dignity and Respect!

There is a growing list of national and local groups and national leaders calling for these marches. This includes labor, faith organizations, immigrant and civil rights groups, community organizations, and youth groups.

Initial conveners include the IFPTE Local 21, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT,  Alliance of Baptists, American Jewish Committee,  APALA, CWA, Episcopal Network for Economic Justice, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, National Domestic Workers Alliance,  National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Religious Sisters of Charity, SEIU, SEIU-ULTCW, UAW, UFCW, UFW, UNITE HERE, United Mineworkers of America


Bay Area Events
San Francisco Day of Dignity and Respect
October 5th, 1:00 pm
90 7th St.
Local co-hosts: SFOP, SEIU

San Jose Pilgrimage
October 5th, 9:30 am
4284 Monterey Road; Time and Location may change
Local co-hosts: SEIU, SIREN
Lucila Ortiz; lortiz@siren-bayarea.org;

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