New Martinez Office Open for Business

 With the New Year upon us, Local 21’s recently acquired office space in Martinez is officially “open for business.”  Located at the intersection of historic Ferry and Main streets in downtown Martinez, the new space – which is significantly larger than our former Contra Costa County location – offers a variety of opportunities for members to engage with their union in a space that is truly their own. 

Important functions are already taking place here: executive board meetings, steward council trainings, and union health care coalition planning sessions in anticipation of this year’s contract reopener. Members are encouraged to stop by whenever visiting downtown Martinez, whether to chat about workplace issues or just to get a tour of the new space.
In a lot of ways, the opening of a brand new office location in Martinez parallels the Contra Costa Chapter’s growth, and goes a long way toward demonstrating that Local 21 is here to stay.  Indeed, the selection of a space in downtown Martinez sends a visible signal that Local 21 aims to be part of the larger Martinez and Contra Costa communities for the foreseeable future.