L21 Welcomes New Members in New Main Office

Local 21 is growing by the day.  Part of this growth is due to more than 500 City employees who have signed up for full union membership over the last 5 months. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for membership online here.

Local 21 member Matt Greco recently brought a co-worker into the union office to have them sign a membership card.

 “I brought this to his attention because many co-workers think they are Local 21 members when they are not”, Greco explained. “A lot of people are missing out because they don’t actually become full members.  I think it’s important that people sign up to become members and it adds to our leverage at the bargaining table when as a union we can show a large membership base.”


By becoming a Local 21 member, you can vote on the contract, receive union communications, attend monthly membership meetings, vote and run for union office, and gain access to special Union Plus discounts.   

Tell your co-workers to sign up for Union membership online.  Once they have signed up, they’ll promptly receive a new L21 member packet in the mail, followed by L21 newsletters and invitations to Chapter meetings.