Measure W “Mansion Tax” is the Robin Hood of the November Election

The San Francisco Local 21 Executive Committee has endorsed Measure W- otherwise known as the “Mansion Tax.” The measure would increase real estate transfer taxes on homes sold for more than $5 million by .25%, and properties worth $25 million or more by .5% .

Measure W could fund the nonbinding resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors to make San Francisco City College free for those who live or work in San Francisco.  Supervisor Jane Kim, endorsed by Local 21 and running against Scott Weiner for state legislature, introduced the City College resolution and authored Measure W.

“While we cannot stop people from coming to San Francisco and encouraging this luxury economy, we can ask them to help pay for the crisis that they are contributing to,” said Jane Kim, speaking to Bloomberg.

In a city where continued investment in big business and skyrocketing housing costs are worsening the wealth divide, Measure W would provide San Francisco more revenue to address some of these inequities.

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There are multiple opportunities to get involved. Contact Political Director Rachel Richman ( about volunteer opportunities. When union workers get involved, they make a difference!