Help Save Local 21 Members’ Jobs

Vote No on Proposition M

On the surface, Proposition M brings together two essential city programs responsible for developing affordable housing and jobs under the authority of a new commission. Unfortunately, it is drafted in a way that puts the jobs of nearly 30 Local 21 members and dozens of SEIU 1021 members at risk.

Most of the employees who work for these programs have worked for the city for several years and bring highly specialized expertise to the work of addressing some of San Francisco’s most intractable problems.

Because they are exempt employees not covered by Permanent Civil Service, their jobs could be at risk in the transition should the measure pass. This is unfair to city workers who have devoted their professional skills to helping some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.

Fighting for members’ jobs in the community

Not only do Local 21 and SEIU 1021 oppose this measure, we convinced the San Francisco Labor Council, the organization that represents all unionized workers in the city, to also oppose it.  We are reaching out to union members throughout the city to urge them to defeat Proposition M. You will be receiving the first of several Local 21 mailers and emails this week about Proposition M to alert you to its potentially negative consequences.

Working with the city to ensure job protection.

But that’s not all.  We have been meeting regularly with City Management to develop a path to Civil Service protection for our members. This is protection they have earned and deserve. So far, 18 positions have been identified to move to Permanent Civil Service. But this leaves 9 positions at risk of being lost or employees experiencing a “break in service.” Clearly this would be unfair and is unacceptable.

“The risk of job loss is very real and could disrupt the work on affordable housing and jobs. Even worse, we could lose the expertise and knowledge that current staff have,” said Local 21 member and city employee Will Alderman.

“We are working with the City to find creative solutions so that there is no job loss or break in service for any Local 21 members.  Defeating Prop M is crucial for our members’ job security,” said Amihan Makayan, a Local 21 Representative and Organizer.

Local 21 leadership and the impacted employees urge Local 21 members and all San Franciscans to vote No on Prop M.