Thank You to Local 21 School Board Super Volunteers!

After working their day jobs at the San Francisco Unified School District, several Local 21 members hit the phones last month to urge fellow union members to help elect three school board members.   

Fueled by pizza and pastries, the Local 21 members phoned hundreds of San Francisco residents from the offices of SEIU Local 1021 on Rhode Island Street, urging them to vote for incumbents Matt Haney and Rachel Norton and newcomer Stevon Cook.

“We have to make sure to put people in positions of power who value the work we do and understand the problem the district is having recruiting and retaining talented individuals,” said Local 21 member and SFUSD purchaser Susan Chan.

While the presidential race and more high-profile local contests were getting all the attention, Chan and other Local 21 chapter leaders spent several days interviewing school board candidates. In the end, the chapter endorsed Haney, Norton, and Cook.

Haney and Norton are proven advocates for our children, teachers, parents, and district staff, said Local 21 member Jan Gyn, adding that Cook is a third-generation city resident who has set a goal of getting more resources to schools in the east and southeast of the city.

All three have pledged budget fairness for public employees and are backed by a coalition of labor and community organizations including Local 21, the teachers union, and SEIU Local 1021.

The group also urged residents to vote for Proposition 55, a measure on the November ballot that would extend the tax on wealthy individuals to help pay for public schools and healthcare.       

“Not only are phone banks a time-tested tool for getting the vote out, but they’re also fun,” said Local 21 chapter leader David Lanham. “It’s a thrill to get three ‘yeses’ in a row.”