WE NEED YOU! CCSF Bargaining Survey Is On Its Way

Bargaining preparations are beginning and it’s time for members to make their voices heard. Look for the bargaining survey to come out within the next 2 weeks, and make sure you and your co-workers fill it out!

Bargaining doesn’t just happen across the negotiating table- successful negotiations occur when members are active, engaged, and ready to collectively use their power to show the City and the public their resolve.

You can begin by participating in Local 21’s bargaining survey. Your Bargaining Team needs to know what members think is important. This is the first step in building power for negotiations.  What are the issues that need improvement? What are our top priorities, and how should the Bargaining Team rank them in negotiations? In order to answer these questions, we need SF members to fill out the bargaining survey.

Union staff have received lots of suggestions for bargaining directly, and while they appreciate them, we need to keep track of member priorities and suggestions as part of the bargaining survey. Don’t email your Representative about bargaining ideas- fill out the survey instead! However, DO attend your chapter meetings to ask questions about how bargaining works and to get your questions answered.