Tired of All the White Noise?


There’s no doubt that you’ve been hearing a lot about the San Francisco Retirement Board election. We get it; you probably tired of all the back and forth arguing. Why should you care about this?

Here’s the thing: this Retirement Board Election affects our paychecks. Anywhere from 2.5% to 12.5% of our paychecks goes to our retirement. When investments in our pension fund do well, we pay less out of our paychecks. When they don’t do well, we have to make up the difference ourselves.

Recently, the pension fund returns have been low and we need to take action to stop poor performance. Electing Al Casciato is a big step in the right direction. Watch the new 90 second video on why Al Casciato is the right person for SF Retirement Board. 

Local 21 has joined with 11 major city employee unions and 2 retiree groups across San Francisco to support Al Casciato for the SF Retirement Board.

Al Casciato has served on the Retirement Board for 17 years, and was President and Vice President of it for a total of 8 times. During his time on the Board, the fund grew from $6 to $18 billion. 

The deadline to vote is fast approaching – vote for Al Casciato by February 3!