CCSF Reaches Tentative Extension Agreement – 16 More Negotiating Tables to Go

IFPTE Local 21 announced last week that it reached a Tentative Extension Agreement (TEA) with the City of San Francisco to extend the contract for 2 years with raises that will keep members level with cost of living increases. 4,500 CCSF (City and County of San Francisco) chapter members will have the chance to vote on the TEA in February. The TEA is the first of it’s kind in history, with 33 San Francisco public unions joining together to accept TEAs that all have the same major terms.

But it’s not over yet!

There are 16 more Local 21 contract negotiations scheduled for 2017, covering approximately 1,900 Local 21 members (see below). Local 21 member leaders and staff are gearing up for these negotiations, which will be a major focus for the rest of the year.

Be on the lookout for more information on how to get involved! From attending chapter meetings to get updates and to communicate with your leadership about priorities for bargaining, to volunteering to serve on committees, there are plenty of ways to participate. The best contracts are won where there is an engaged membership, so stand up and be counted!