Domestic Violence and The Workplace: It’s More Connected Than You Think

The Department for the Status of Women’s website states that “21 percent of full time employees self-identify as victims of domestic violence. Of these employees, 64 percent of domestic violence survivors reported that their ability to work was affected by violence.”

When someone is in an abusive relationship, they can be in danger coming and going from work, and even in the workplace itself.

The City of San Francisco has recently rolled out an initiative to provide resources to victims of domestic violence, which includes a workplace safety plan and a program for volunteer Domestic Violence Liaisons. Their materials also include tips on how to define and recognize domestic violence, resources for victims, and how to be supportive of those suffering from violence.

What can you do?

Educate yourself about domestic violence. Learn how to spot warning signs of abuse in your co-workers and how to provide support.

If you are suffering from domestic violence: You are not alone and it is not your fault. There is help available!

Check out the workplace poster and resource brochure!

You can also volunteer to be a Domestic Violence Liaison for city employees. Liaisons are city employees who volunteer to receive specialized training on domestic violence to help co-workers who need extra assistance in the workplace due to domestic violence. Recruitment for Liaisons occurs once per year in the summer, so visit the Department for the Status of Women’s webpage and check your inbox for the email with the application.


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