Local 21 SF Unified School District Members Rally to Kick Off Bargaining

Members of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) kicked off the 2017 contract negotiations with gusto on April 13 by rallying outside the Board of Education.

There was a great deal of positive energy, union pride, and handmade signs. Bargaining Team members Jan Gyn, Haydee Diaz, Susan Chan, and David Lanham spoke to the crowd about the main issues facing the membership and why a good contract is important to them. Donned in blue Local 21 shirts, the membership chanted “Same work, same pay!” and “We are Local 21!”

The theme for bargaining is “Same Work, Same Pay,” a message meant to convey the importance of addressing wage equity for these workers. SFUSD members make an average 10% less than their counterparts in City classifications.

The SFUSD contract expires June 30, and members are ready to fight hard to have their concerns heard across the table!

You can view video of the rally here, and photos of the rally here.


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