Don’t Let Them Silence Our Voices: Don’t Sign the “Paycheck Deception” Petition!

There’s a statewide initiative petition being circulated at grocery stores, malls, post offices and other places near you that’s designed to silence the voices of working people and strengthen the political influence of giant corporations. To make matters worse, it’s being disguised as an initiative to help protect workers’ paychecks. Don’t be fooled!

 Here’s How It Works:

• It takes away your right to make a voluntary paycheck deduction contribution to our union’s political action fund.

• It takes away workers’ right to pool our money together so we can have a strong voice in political decisions that affect our jobs, families and communities.

• It allows corporations to continue to use their mega-profits to contribute as much as they want to politicians who are happy to do whatever they ask.

• It’s backed by billionaires and big businesses who want to control our state without any opposition.

 Here’s What You Can Do:

• Don’t sign the petition.

• Tell your colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors not to sign the petition.

• If you see someone collecting signatures, call toll free 1.877.440.9585.