Local 21 Members Fight for a Sanctuary State

On September 20, 2017, the California Legislature voted to pass SB 54, or the California Values Act. Also known as the “Sanctuary State” bill, the legislation provides protection for law-abiding residents of California, regardless of immigration status. Local and state law enforcement agencies would be barred from asking about a person’s immigration status, detaining someone on a “hold” request to be later detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and participating in border patrol activities. With support from Governor Brown, it’s almost certain that the law will go into effect.

Local 21 members participated in the immigration justice movement to support the legislation over the past 2 months. Members participated in phone banking efforts to convince lawmakers across the state to support the legislation, educated other members at chapter meetings, and collected handwritten postcards in support to legislators and Governor Brown. Because of the efforts of Local 21 members and activists across California, we’ve achieved a big step forward for immigration justice.

This is particularly important now, in the face of the cancellation of DACA and a new travel ban implemented by the Trump administration. The cancellation of DACA puts 800,000 people at risk who were promised a way to live in less fear and with less risk of deportation. Now, those same people are at more risk than ever before of targeting and deportation. The revival of a travel ban that includes North Korea and Venezuela does nothing to disguise the intent of the ban as a Muslim Ban. In the face of this rising tide of anti-immigrant legislation and action, California is continuing to lead the way in a fight for an immigration system that works.

Local 21 members, our families, friends and neighbors are affected by these immigration decisions. It’s more important than ever that we stand together for a just immigration system. Local 21 will continue to be part of this fight. If you want to be part of this effort, please sign up here.