CalPers Election Runoff- Vote for the Labor Candidate to Oversee Your Pension’s Future!

You will be receiving your ballot package from CalPERS soon for the 2017 Member-at-Large Runoff Board Election if you are a Local 21 member whose retirement plan is CalPERS. Votes must be received by December 11, 2017.

This runoff is to decide the winner of Position B, for which no candidate received a majority vote. The top two vote getters will be on the upcoming ballot, with the winner of Position A and the runoff for Position B taking office in January.

Local 21 is strongly encouraging eligible members to vote for Michael Bilbrey. Bilbrey has a track record of standing up for working people on the Board.

His opponent in the runoff election, Margaret Brown, is unqualified and unfit to represent workers and retirees on the CalPERS Board. Here’s why:

The CalPERS Board of Administration is responsible for the management and control of CalPERS. Their decisions directly impact your employer’s contribution rates to your CalPERS pension, and where your pension dollars are invested.

You should care about who makes these decisions on your behalf! Now is your opportunity to help select the candidate who will best represent your views on the Board for the next four years.

Ballots will be mailed November 10, and candidate statements will be available on the Board Elections page of the CalPERS website in both written and video form.