Solano County Members Overwhelmingly Approve Tentative Agreement

In a vote held on October 2, Local 21 members in Solano County overwhelmingly approved a tentative agreement negotiated and recommended by the Bargaining Team for a successor contract.  With nearly every member participating, the tentative agreement was ratified with over 97% in favor, and the Solano County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the recommended agreement at their October 3 meeting.

The new agreement provides a four percent (4%) base salary increase and a one-time payment in July 2018.  In addition, a previously negotiated employee payment of PERS retirement costs will be reversed on an ongoing basis, increasing take home pay, and executive and senior managers in Solano County will now have additional time off in the form of a paid floating holiday every calendar year.  Beneficial changes were also made to contact language on vacation cash out, military leaves of absence, continuing education, work out of class, and more.

The new contract follows several months of hard work and persistence by the Bargaining Team.  County Administration’s first wage proposal equated to just half of one percent, while the balance of the initial economic proposals represented a significant cut in the form of increased retirement contributions. It was only once the Bargaining Team’s pushback on these items were successful that an agreement became possible.  Solano County members were kept fully informed and provided invaluable input throughout the negotiations process, authorizing and directing the Bargaining Team to hold the line to ensure a fair wage increase and no cuts to established benefits.

Although full negotiations have concluded, there remains significant work to do.  Over the next several months, residual negotiations will continue on the topics of continuing education reimbursement and paid administrative leave.

“The Bargaining Team is grateful and humbled by the overwhelming support of members throughout the negotiating process, culminating in the ratification of a new contract.  We look forward to advancing our interests in ongoing discussions over continuing education and administrative leave.  The Bargaining Team hears and answers to the members, and there is much work to be done. I am anticipating that 2019 will be here before we know it.”

– Joyce Goodwin, Bargaining Team Member and Health Services Administrator