Local 21 Werks it at SF Pride!

This past Sunday, Local 21 members celebrated Pride in style by marching at the San Francisco Pride Parade, one of the oldest and largest LGBTQIA parades in the world.  

We were joined by Supervisor Aaron Peskin, whose office kindly gifted us with a hand-made “Have Pride in Your Union” banner in Local 21’s signature cobalt blue.

We made signs at the meeting location with a plethora of messages ranging from classics like “An injury to one is an injury to all,” and “United we stand,” to more tongue-in-cheek ones, like “Pride at the werkplace,” “Blow my union whistle,” and “It’s not the size of your union, it’s how you werk it.” Other winning signs included “I’m a proud, queer, union engineer!” You can view photos of us at the parade here and here.

We marched from Spear Street, by the Embarcadero, all the way down to the Civic Center. Our Pride contingent was met with positive cheers throughout the parade. Local 21 is a diverse union, and we celebrate that each and every day.

LGBTQIA rights don’t stop at marriage equality; we are proud to fight for the rights of LGBTQIA employees at work. Just last year, we supported trans health benefits at the HSS. It’s important that the LGBTQIA community understands what unions do for us at the workplace, and how unions can fight for better rights and protections for everyone. That’s why we’re are proud to march at San Francisco Pride. We hope that you can join us next year!