Local 21 Wins EDF Increase to $900,000 for FY 2018-19

Hundreds of Local 21 members submitted information two years ago documenting the problems posed by the Educational Development Fund (EDF) reimbursement process. As a result, we won major changes to the process and got more than $90,000 in claims paid after we filed grievances on behalf of those of us who had been wrongfully denied reimbursement.

Now, Local 21 has won another $150,000 to be added to the fund for FY 2018-19, despite negotiations being a year away. Ongoing discussions through the Union/ City Relations Committee (UCRC) have highlighted the importance of the EDF and led to more funds for us to access. The UCRC is a forum where Local 21 and the City sit down to discuss issues that arise which may not be appropriate for the grievance process. As more and more of us are using EDF, the fund is becoming fully encumbered earlier and earlier in the year. A $900,000 fund will last longer and benefit many of us in the coming year!

This win is an example of what happens when we stand together in a union and press for change. Individually, none of us could expect to win $150,000 more in our education fund. But with members actively engaging on the matter over the past few years, management took our issues seriously at the UCRC.

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