Local 21 Executive Committee Takes Stand Against Discrimination in City Departments


Last week, the Local 21 Executive Committee took a position supporting SEIU 1021 in calling for an end to discrimination in the workplace. “We as IFPTE Local 21 stand against any and all forms of discrimination.  We support our sisters and brothers in SEIU 1021 in calling on the City and County of San Francisco on eliminating and forms of discrimination.”


Fellow union members at SEIU 1021 have spoken out about unfair treatment of workers of color, including excessive and unnecessary disciplines, lack of diversity in hiring in key positions, and misuse of the probationary period for African Americans.


A Government Audit and Oversight Committee hearing has been set for September 19, 11 am, in City Hall Rm 250. Members from across the City will be there to tell their stories and demand an end to systemic discrimination in city jobs. Local 21 will be there to advocate for equality and against all forms of racism. When workers stand together in a union, they are a powerful voice against discrimination.


See the Action Flyer Here!