CCSF Bargaining is Around the Corner



We are Ready to Stand Up for Ourselves and Our Community!


As we head into contract bargaining with the City and County of San Francisco, the state of our union is strong and we are getting even stronger.  We are at over 90% membership throughout Local 21.

We are committed to defending our hard-earned pension and benefits, to making sure our work remains in the public sector and for the public good, to ensuring that our staffing needs are addressed, to determining what should be changed and improved in our contract, and to insisting on fair wage increases.

Where do we get the power to win a fair contract? Us!  Through the years we have set important standards and rights in our contract.  We have protected our pension and testified about the critical nature of work we do.  When we win, we do so by building and using our collective power. When the City sees a mass of union members in solidarity with each other, that’s when our Bargaining Team speaks with real power at the table.


How do we win and build strength?


We participate. We stay informed by reading our newsletters and attending worksite and chapter meetings. We take the bargaining survey and help craft the direction of our bargaining demands. We vote on our contract.

We stand together.Bargaining is a democratic process with input from across the membership. Once our top goals are set, we speak with one voice.  When we stand together we are strong.

We show our solidarity.We show it at rallies, the workplace, and anywhere that our Bargaining Team needs us.


Preparation for CCSF Bargaining is already underway. We need your help!


Our bargaining survey was sent on September 24, to your preferred email on file. Take the survey today! If you don’t see it, check your spam folder, and if it isn’t there, reach out to your Rep or Chapter leader so that you can be sent a new invitation. The Bargaining Team needs to hear from you in order to formulate priorities for bargaining.

Attend a bargaining worksite meeting. Come to a worksite meeting near you and get educated on the health of the City budget, the state of our pension, and how we build power and stay strong in bargaining. Look for an email invite to a worksite meeting near you!

Do you think your class or series is significantly underpaid in the market? Attend an Equity Adjustment Training and learn how to conduct an equity study. The list of Equity Study Trainings are below.



Equity Trainings


Equity adjustment trainings will equip members with details on preparing an equity adjustment study. Equity adjustment studies look at the current market wage for a class or series to determine whether a modification in salary range is appropriate. If you believe that your classification or series is collectively paid below market and would like to submit an equity adjustment proposal, please plan on attending. 




November 8, 12pm – Local 21 Main Office, 1167 Mission St. 2nd FL, San Francisco

November 14, 12pm – SFO, 710 N McDonnell Ave, Concord Room 

November 15, 12pm – 1 South Van Ness, San Francisco, room TBD

November 28, 5:30pm – Local 21 Main Office, 1167 Mission St. 2nd FL, San Francisco


* No food will be provided *