11 Billion for Schools and Public Services Per Year


This one matters.


There is a major proposition on the ballot for the 2020 election that would change the game when it comes to funding our cities and counties and pulling California schools up from the bottom of the pack in school spending. Schools and Communities First would reform California commercial property tax policy so that corporations pay their fair share, and won’t increase costs for homeowners and small businesses.

Right now homeowners have 72% of the tax burden while corporations pay only 28%. Fixing this imbalance would restore an estimated $11 billion per year to California, including $835 million to San Francisco, $1 billion per year to Santa Clara County, $553 million per year to Alameda County, and $347 million per year to Contra Costa County. As public servants we know what this kind of funding could do for our services, our communities, our kids, and our jobs. It’s also the fair thing to do.


Schools and Communities First will:

o   Restore Over $11 Billion a year for our Schools and Local Services.

o   Reform commercial property tax policy (reassessment based on market value), while guaranteeing existing protections for residential property and agricultural land.

o   Help small business by eliminating the burdensome business personal property tax while also leveling the playing field for new businesses.

o   Mandate transparency and accountability for all revenue restored to California’s schools and local communities.


We can no longer afford to keep giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and big corporations. Closing California’s commercial property tax loophole restores billions for schools, community colleges and other vital community services that Local 21 members provide.

Join Us. The other side is going to spend millions to defeat this campaign, but we can win with people power.


Learn more about Schools and Communities First Here: https://schoolsandcommunitiesfirst.org/about/