Association of Engineers & Architects

The City of San Jose’s Association of Engineers and Architects (AEA) affiliated with Local 21 in 2004 after the City unilaterally froze certain wages and benefits. We are a group of highly skilled professionals dedicated to improving our city.

Chapter News and Events

A letter to AEA, AMSP and CAMP members


As you have no doubt noticed the last several years, the political climate in San Jose has been heavily dominated if not outright controlled by a well orchestrated and disciplined cadre of politicians and their backers with a singular message. Read more.

San Jose Member Key in BART Extension to San Jose


When employees and political leaders broke ground this April on the BART-to-San Jose extension, City of San Jose Association of Engineers and Architects (AEA) member Henry Servin began to realize that the end of decades of work was in sight. In the 1970s, a teenage Henry envisioned BART’s presence: it would bring fast, convenient, environmentally friendly transportation to the South Bay. This dream propelled him to study engineering in college. 

SCVWD Engineers Society, Professional Managers Association Support Bike to Work Day


The Local 21 Professional Managers Association (PMA) and the Engineers Society (ES) at the Santa Clara Valley Water District are proud to sponsor the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s Bike to Work Day 2012. On May 10, commuters are encouraged to leave their cars at home and join the tens of thousands of Bay Area residents biking to work.

South Bay Leaders Attend COPE Dinner


Local 21 sponsored a table at the South Bay Labor Council’s annual COPE Awards Dinner on April 21. Social policy leader Van Jones gave the keynote address about the “posthope” era, describing the political climate in America as needing more than people to “vote and hope.” He noted, “They need to vote and organize and lead and fight.”

Manipulating Pension Data


On behalf of Local 21’s City of San Jose Chapters, Local 21 sent a letter to the City Council today, bringing to their attention the March 25 NBC Bay Area report that exposed manipulation of pension data.

Take Action – You are Needed!


When Labor votes, Labor wins --Join fellow Local 21 members getting out the vote by talking to union members. Be a part of electing local officials on June 5 who share our values and vision.  Find out how to get involved.

A message from your CAMP President


On behalf of your CAMP/IFPTE Local 21 Board and negotiations team, I want to acknowledge the difficult week we've endured. It is now the weekend, time for family and friends and time off to rest and rejuvenate. It is also time to work at healing any woundedness we feel from the constant negative public employee campaign we've also endured for an extended period of time.  You deserve to feel proud of the work you do and services you deliver to the residents of San Jose on a daily basis.

A message from your AMSP Bargaining Team


I realize that after Tuesday's Council action, many of us are frustrated and feeling under appreciated by our employer, however, we are asking you at this time to remain positive, strong, and dedicated to the work that you do.

Fight continues at SCVWD regarding vested rights


ES and PMA Presidents sent a letter on March 8 to Santa Clara Valley Water District CEO Beau Goldie regarding Retiree Health Benefits.

Unlawful Pension Plan Passes, State Legislature Votes for Audit of SJ Finances


On the heels of the San Jose City Council voting to place Mayor Reed and City Manager Figone's unlawful pension measure before the voters, the California State Legislature's Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) voted to perform a State audit of San Jose's pension projections, budget, and finances. Republicans and Democrats on a bipartisan basis directed the State Auditor to immediately begin the audit, that vote was 12-1.