City of Hayward

Local 21’s City of Hayward chapter is made up of professional and technical employees dedicated to improving our city through the services we provide, and to making the City of Hayward a great place to work.

Chapter News and Events

Lawrence Livermore Lab Move Means More Jobs, Revenue for Richmond


Last week, University of California announced that Richmond’s 120-acre Field Station would be the new site for an extension of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Scheduled to open in 2016, this will mean hundreds of high-paying jobs coming to the City of Richmond.

Major Win at Berkeley Schools


The Berkeley Unified School District chapter won a significant arbitration case this month. The chapter filed a grievance, which was based on a “me too” clause in the current MOU that the employer was refusing to honor. The clause states that any raise that is given to a bargaining unit in the District would also be given to Local 21. 

Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659


Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development

As you may know, the CA Supreme Court ruled that the measure to abolish redevelopment was legal and that the bill allowing redevelopment programs to continue in exchange for shifting millions of dollars to the state was unconstitutional. Worse, they ruled that redevelopment agencies should wind down their activities by February 1, just days from now.

Local 21 Makes Endorsements for November 2011 Election


Election Day is just around the corner, and many voters will be receiving their vote-by-mail ballots soon. Local 21 is sending each member with a San Francisco or Oakland mailing address on file a palm card listing our Union's endorsements which you can take to the polls with you, or use to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot at home. See a complete list of Local 21 endorsements, or watch out for your palm card in the mail!

Contra Costa Water District OPEB Talks Settle


Local 21’s Contra Costa Water District Chapter began a series of informal meetings to discuss the District’s desire for all employees to contribute to an OPEB (other post-employment benefits) trust.

Hayward Declares Fiscal Emergency, Tries to Open Contracts for More Concessions


On May 31, the City of Hayward declared a fiscal emergency, claiming projected deficits of $20-$30 million annually over the next ten years and requesting that all City unions open their contracts to commit to an additional 23% in concessions over the next three years.

City Unions already agreed to $7.9 million in concessions for this fiscal year, and the City has balanced its budget for the year. However, since early this spring, City Manager Fran David has been trying to extract additional concessions, asking the unions to reopen their contracts.

Alameda Labor Council Honors Two Local 21 Members


Local 21 members filled two tables at the Alameda County Labor Council Award Dinner Friday night.  For the second year in a row, Local 21 members were among the honorees. 

Tom Manley, Local 21 Vice President for Legislative & Political Action, was honored for his volunteer political work, spending hundreds of hours phone banking and getting-out-the-vote in support of our candidates. 

East Bay MUD Member Shares the Facts on Pensions


In an April 26 Letter to the Editor, East Bay MUD Local 21 member Joe Young debunked some myths around California public employee pensions.

He pointed out that public employee compensation is in line with the private sector and that pension expenses account for less than 5% of the general fund.

“A 5 percent item in the budget will not bring the state to its knees and is not the cause of all our problems,” wrote Young.