Contra Costa County

Local 21’s Contra Costa County chapter has passed 93% membership; we are engineers, planners, administrators, accountants, librarians, health services professionals, and more! We are supervisors, managers, and specialists and we are PROUD to choose Union!

Chapter News and Events

Tentative Agreement Reached!


After several months of hard work, a new tentative agreement has been reached! Click here for a list of resources about your new agreement, and how to vote on ratification.

10/25/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #5



With their latest proposal, the County signaled it was reaching the end of what it is willing to do for workers and their families. But their offer is not enough. The Coalition’s offer is a reasonable compromise, and the County has the money to meet it. The time to ramp up pressure is now!

10/22/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #4


County moves on concept, not dollars at the latest healthcare bargaining session. Coalition makes major push to get a deal. Plus: Attend an upcoming worksite lunchtime rally!

10/15/18 - Worksite Rallies Invite


The Union Healthcare Coalition is hosting a series of lunchtime worksite rallies for affordable healthcare. Click here to the find a rally coming to a worksite near you! Plus: 5 ways to take action today.

10/11/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #3


At the negotiations table, we continue to make progress. We need a fair deal, or we will take this important fight to the bargaining table next year when our contracts are open and we have more options. 

10/4/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #2


The strength of member action and the Union Coalition has led to real action from the County. But we need a fair deal that gets to the root of the healthcare problem, not a temporary band-aid. Read on for more details!

9/27/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #1


Healthcare bargaining has begun! 

9/19/18 - Healthcare Rally Draws Hundreds


See pictures and video from the September 18th Affordable Healthcare Rally at the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. This is just the beginning - read on to see what comes next.

Watch: The Contra Costa County Healthcare Coalition Confronts the Board of Supervisors


Local 21 is fighting hard in Contra Costa County; we're joining together as a coalition of nine unions to demand equitable and affordable healthcare for all county workers!