Contra Costa County

Local 21’s Contra Costa County chapter has passed 93% membership; we are engineers, planners, administrators, accountants, librarians, health services professionals, and more! We are supervisors, managers, and specialists and we are PROUD to choose Union!

Chapter News and Events

9/19/18 - Healthcare Rally Draws Hundreds


See pictures and video from the September 18th Affordable Healthcare Rally at the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. This is just the beginning - read on to see what comes next.

Watch: The Contra Costa County Healthcare Coalition Confronts the Board of Supervisors


Local 21 is fighting hard in Contra Costa County; we're joining together as a coalition of nine unions to demand equitable and affordable healthcare for all county workers!

Local 21 Questions County’s Contracting Practices


What should you do if you believe a County department is contracting for services that should be performed by a Local 21 employee?



Updates on our campaign for equitable healthcare in Contra Costa County. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!

(Contra Costa Bulletin August 2018)

Contra Costa Bulletin - July 2018


Pay raise announcment. Important healthcare updates. Also: Don't be fooled by anti-union agents!

CCC Union Healthcare Coalition Call to Action


The county continues to create and uphold agreements resulting in astronomical healthcare costs for employees; join Local 21 and seven other unions in saying "ENOUGH!"

BREAKING: CCC Board of Sups Passes Pro-Union Resolution


In the face of Janus v. AFSCME, Contra Costa County joins cities and counties across the Bay Area in supporting the freedom of employees to join together in strong unions.

Contra Costa Bulletin Special Edition: June 2018


Janus v. AFSCME: An overview of "Right to Work" and the private interests behind it. Still have questions? See our handy FAQs.