Contra Costa County

Local 21’s Contra Costa County chapter has passed 93% membership; we are engineers, planners, administrators, accountants, librarians, health services professionals, and more! We are supervisors, managers, and specialists and we are PROUD to choose Union!

Chapter News and Events

Farewell and Best Wishes to Jonathan Wright


Lead Representative/Organizer Jonathan Wright will be leaving his position with IFPTE Local 21 to pursue great opportunities with a sister union, the Teamsters. We thank Jonathan for his work and wish him luck on his future endeavors!

Contra Costa Executive Board Election


Here is the Contra Costa County Executive Board for the upcoming term.

Employer Tries to Get Around Local 21 to Contract Out Jobs, Loses, and Ends Up Paying Members Money


Local 21 in Contra Costa recently settled an unfair labor practice charge after the County illegally contracted out bargaining unit work.

Contra Costa County Chapter Wins a 3-Year Deal!


For the first time in chapter history, Contra Costa County Members have secured a successor contract before the expiration of the current Memorandum of Understanding.

Charter School Interests Seek to Ban Organized Labor from Participation in School Board Elections


Victory! Due to pressure from Local 21, the proposed resolution that would have banned labor from making contributions to West Contra Costa School Board candidates was amended to exclude all offensive language! Special thanks to Local 21 member Sandi Brown for her work on this!

Help Contra Costa MOU Bargaining By Submitting Equity Adjustment Documentation


Contra Costa County Equity Adjustment Resources

Bargaining Starts for New Contract


Bargaining for a new contract for some 1,000 Contra Costa County employees represented by Local 21 began in March. The current three-year agreement expires June 30, 2016.

Local 21 Members are determined to win fair wage increases for the work they perform and build on recent victories, which include successful negotiations last year to have the county pay a fairer share for increases in healthcare premium costs.

Union Representative Dons Another Cap: School Board Member


As if this hard-charging union organizer and negotiator didn’t have enough on his plate, Jonathan T. Wright, Local 21's lead staff representative in Contra Costa County, is taking on another responsibility: school board member. On Feb. 1, the married, 35-year-old Wright was sworn in as the newest member of the Martinez Unified School District Board. In some ways it’s a post Wright has been groomed for his entire life.

Early Preparations for 2016 Contract Negotiations Underway


Just three months after wrapping up health care negotiations in coalition with other County unions, full contract bargaining is once again on the horizon. We have already begun early preparations for negotiations, kicking the Local 21 Bargaining Team nominations at our October chapter meeting.

Ten members representing a variety of County departments have since been nominated, including those with prior bargaining experience and a number of members stepping up to serve for the first time.  Representing a full team, these members include:

Scott Hutchinson - Sheriff

The Bargaining Team Needs Your Help: Join Our CAT


As the Bargaining Team prepares for contract negotiations in 2016, it will be essential to support their efforts by developing an integrated field campaign that engages members and puts pressure on the County Negotiator to bargain in good faith and address our priorities at the table.  This is where member participation and leadership on the Local 21 Contract Action Team (CAT) comes in. The CAT will begin meeting early in the new year to begin planning how we are going to succeed in negotiating a new contract. All dues paying members are encouraged to participate.