Field Operations

The SF Field Operations Chapter is comprised of members who ensure the safety and integrity of public infrastructure and works. From the inspection of highly-trafficked streets to the construction of our vast water system, our Field Ops members are there

Chapter News and Events

Local 21 Wins Hearing on Abuse of Exempt Positions in San Francisco


Local 21 recently met with San Francisco Supervisors to talk about our priority issues in bargaining. After meeting with us, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer called for a hearing on growing use of Exempt positions in CCSF.

San Francisco Spends Millions Outsourcing Geotechnical Work Critical to Public Safety


Over the past 3 years the City has spent $5,409,989 outsourcing critical geotechnical engineering work to outside firms for San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, while employing only 2 Geotechnical Engineers. The work is essential to public safety, but the City still isn't recognizing the value of permanent civil service workers.

CCSF Worksite Meetings March/April!


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Exempt Hearing!


Outsourcing Hurts Workers and San Francisco


The use of expensive contractors to carry out city work has risen dramatically, impacting the City budget, the quality of the services provided, our jobs, our development as workers, and our promotional opportunities.

Rock Your Blue to Support Bargaining!


You can support your Bargaining Team by wearing blue and your union swag every Thursday for bargaining!

CCSF Bargaining Bulletins!


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Closing the Gap


Read Local 21's Policy Brief on Why CLOSING THE GAP is something the City and County of San Francisco can and must do.

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