Field Operations

The SF Field Operations Chapter is comprised of members who ensure the safety and integrity of public infrastructure and works. From the inspection of highly-trafficked streets to the construction of our vast water system, our Field Ops members are there

Chapter News and Events

Bargaining Kick-Off Rally!



Can we count on you? Click on the below flier to RSVP and tell us that you will be there on January 17th to support your Bargaining Team!


A Coalition of Unions are saying NO to DPH's Attempt to Create a 2-Month Vacation Blackout During the Summer Months


For many Local 21 members, the proposed vacation blackout dates make summer family vacations impossible to schedule.

Local 21 Members Hold Event to Feed the Homeless


“As public servants, we can learn more about the communities we serve and what is really needed. This volunteer action is not just about serving food, it is about getting to know people while giving back,” says Local 21 member Michelle Pollard.

CCSF Bargaining is Around the Corner


We are Ready to Stand Up for Ourselves and Our Community!

Know Our Contract!


One Local 21 Classification Does Not Get a Raise, and Steps Up to Fix It

Local 21 Executive Committee Takes Stand Against Discrimination in City Departments


Standing against racism in all forms is a core value at Local 21.

Local 21 WINS


Local 21 WINS on extended ranges for Legal Assistants and demands change on understaffing and overwork at DPH.

City Avoids Civil Service Process with Exempt Hires


In 1994, only 2% of the entire city workforce were exempt employees. That percentage has grown significantly over the years. As of today, 27% of Local 21 workers in the city are exempt employees- more than 1 in 4!

San Francisco is the First City with $15 Minimum Wage, Proudly Brought to You By Unions


At the press conference, Ms. Ho translated for seven minimum wage workers in the Chinatown area. As a Compliance Officer, Robin won $480,000 in back pay for the same seven workers that she translated for. The workers took off a day without pay to attend the event.

What’s Happening to Our Pension Contributions?


We are pleased to announce that our contribution/cost sharing for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 remains the same as it currently is (FY 2017-18); our pension rates are NOT going up this year. This favorable news further illustrates how important it is for us to stay engaged and involved with the fight to protect our benefits; it makes a difference!