Municipal Architects

The Municipal Architects chapter represents professionals in the Architecture field, employed by the CCSF. Collectively, they are responsible for the design of and improvements made to much of our city’s buildings, parks, and public spaces.

Chapter News and Events

Watch For Increases to Wages, Pension Contributions


Last year, Local 21 members ratified a new contract with a full 4.62% salary restoration and end to furlough days, the first scheduled wage increases since 2008, two additional 1-time paid floating holidays, and other improvements.

Payroll Errors Lead to Overpayments


This was originally sent as an email to more than 800 Local 21 Represented employees in the City and County of San Francisco who we believe received overpayments on the November 20th payroll.

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Please watch this important one-minute video introducing Gus Vallejo. A candidate for the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS) Board, Gus is a respected leader in his union.

The San Francisco Department of Elections is mailing green envelopes containing ballots to all employees this week.

After watching the video, please:

Local 21 EDF Fund Expanded


The Employee Development Fund (EDF) is set aside for Local 21-represented employees’ training, education, and professional development. In our new contract, we negotiated an increase in the EDF to $750,000 per year for eligible expenditures.

City Implements Our Fair Share Fee


Under our contract, Local 21 may demand implementation of a Fair Share Fee in any bargaining unit that has at least 2/3 union membership.

New Contract Hot Off the Press


Our new contract through FY 2013-2014 is hot off the press! The MOU contains the terms and conditions of our employment with the City. Download or bookmark a copy today.

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Gus Vallejo has been an active leader in the San Francisco Information Technology chapter for years. When the seat for an active employee representative opened on the San Francisco Employees Retirement System Board (SFERS), Gus decided to run for the position because of this commitment to improving our retirement security through prudent investment choices and responsible oversight.

HSS Struggle with Blue Shield Continues, Board Subsidizes Plan & Adopts Cost Savings Policies


In an effort to contain costs in the face of Blue Shield’s deplorable price gouging, last week the Health Services (HSS) Board approved a plan to pay $5.2 million to subsidize Blue Shield premium rates for 2013, as well as adopt a flex funding system for paying claims generated by active employees and early retirees.

Reminder: Paycheck Changes & Floating Holidays


As we kick off the new fiscal year, we remind you of changes in your upcoming paychecks.

San Francisco Members Ratify New Contract by 93%


On April 26, Local 21 and the City and County of San Francisco reached an agreement for a new contract through June 30, 2014. The following week, after a series of informational roadshow meetings sharing the details of the new agreement, Local 21’s membership ratified that agreement by 93%. The overwhelming positive response demonstrates that the contract reflects an intelligent and equitable settlement of all our economic and non-economic issues.