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The Oakland Engineers & Architects chapter is made up of Engineers, Architects, and related classifications. We are dedicated to high standards of professionalism in our workplace, and strive to make Oakland safe and beautiful.

Chapter News and Events

Oakland Looks to Restructure Transportation and Public Works


Attached are the detailed organizational charts for both the new Department of Transportation and the re-designed Public Works as well as a narrative that describes the changes. 

We appreciate Member questions and suggestions and we look forward to our next conversations about this restructuring. As we get feedback from Members about impacts to your work, we will work with Members directly to address those issues.

Attached are the four documents related to the reorganization:

Lunch and Learn Political Action Booklet


August’s Lunch and Learn was all about Political Action and our booklet is a one-stop shop to learn not only about our Principles for Legislative and Political Action, but about our Endorsement Process, how our political process works in the real world via the Oakland Police Commission example and more. These processes are how Members in Local 21 can have a voice in politics in Oakland and beyond and is worth a read and keeping a copy as a resource for the future.

Oakland Bulletin: City Council Endorsements, PW/DOT Re-org, Labor Day Picnic, And More!


Our September Bulletin has information about the outcomes of our endorsement votes, but we can report that Oakland members voted to endorse in several Oakland races:

Learn Your Rights to Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)


If you have a serious or chronic medical condition or a close family member has a medical condition, you can get guaranteed time off to take care of yourself or your loved ones. To learn the ins and outs of FMLA, review this booklet and know that you can contact our Union if you have questions, see information from Administrative Instruction 567 or contact Oakland's Risk Management at 510-238-6488.

Oakland Bulletin: Chapter Elections, Labor Day Planning, and More!


This is a super-sized newsletter for August and here are the important highlights:

Oakland Bulletin: Updates on Lunch and Learns, Potential Head Start Layoffs and a New Citizen Police Commission


With a highlighted report on the first rounds of our new Lunch and Learns in the City of Oakland, this month’s Oakland Bulletin contains important information about potential layoffs in the Head Start program, potential impacts to Bargaining Unit Members in the Oakland Police Department if the ordinance about a citizen police commission makes its way through the system and more. The Oakland Bulletin is delivered once a month to members in the City of Oakland. 

Click here to see the Bulletin.

Oakland MOU


The Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Oakland and IFPTE Local 21, effective July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2017.

Oakland MOU

Committee Updates: June Oakland Bulletin


Employe Relations has long reassured Local 21 in each of our monthly meetings and in follow up conversations that they were dedicated and able to meet the agreed upon deadlines for contract implementation.

To see the complete Oakland Bulletin, click here.

MOU Implementation Updates -- May Oakland Bulletin


Finalize the MOU
As we mentioned in the last Oakland Bulletin, our new MOU is a merger of three agreements into one. Ana Guzina, Local 21 Research and Legal Specialist, has been working with the City on the project and there are several days that have been set aside to walk through the MOU line by line, every page, and ensure that all the language is correct and accurate. It is our goal that the MOU will be complete by the next Oakland Bulletin and available electronically to every member.

Proposed Infrastructure Improvement Bond Details and Polling Results


As the City of Oakland works on a plan to reorganize and creates a Department of Transportation from the Public Works Department, the biggest question for the City is whether or not the public will support the proposed infrastructure improvement bond measure. On March 22, 2016, the Finance and Public Works Committees presented the following Powerpoint presentation that shows support for the bond measure and other details worth a review.