Oakland Engineers & Architects

The Oakland Engineers & Architects chapter is made up of Engineers, Architects, and related classifications. We are dedicated to high standards of professionalism in our workplace, and strive to make Oakland safe and beautiful.

Chapter News and Events

Contract Implementation Update


After a prolonged negotiation to merge our two attorney contracts into our master contract, we have finally reached agreement and can finalize our contract.

Due to the complexity of the merger, we were unable to settle the matter during negotiations and agreed to a side letter to complete the merger after negotiations. The attorney units had met with the City attorney numerous times at a side table during negotiations and reached agreement on most items.

Union Pushes Back Against City’s Funding Request and Strategic Plan for New Department


The City unrolled it’s budgeting and strategy recommendations for a new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) in an Agenda Report on January 14, only two weeks before it went to the Public Works (PW) Committee.  Although the union was able to sit down with the City for an informational session a week before the committee meeting, no genuine meet and confer took place.  Local 21 was able to mobilize a significant turnout at the PW Committee meeting on January 26, where Vice President Renee Sykes spoke on behalf of the union, and several of our members voiced their concerns. 

4% Pay Raise Arrives!


Retroactive pay raise to come in December

Oakland Local 21 members had a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving. They saw their new 4% pay raise reflected on their last pay stubs dated Nov. 25. 

The Union has fought long and hard to make sure the City honors its commitment toward public workers. In keeping with its promise, the City applied the pay raise to the last pay period-- a tangible result of how L21’s 6 months of hard bargaining paid off in a new two-year contract won for and by Oakland members.

$1100 Revenue Sharing Payment in February 2016


Local 21 fought hard for our Oakland members to see the benefits of the City of Oakland’s economic upswing in the form of a one-time $1100 revenue sharing payment to be disbursed two months from now.

The City’s 4th quarter $11 million surplus in the FY 2014-2015 General Purpose Fund triggers the revenue sharing payout to be paid out in full by February 2016.  

Updates and Review of L21 Job Classifications


For the past two years, the Union and the City have been meeting and conferring to review and update job specs. To date, both parties have made updates to approximately 40 job classifications.  Some of these job specs have not been updated since the 1990’s.

Incumbents are provided the opportunity to give input on the proposed changes.  Once the changes are made, the amended job specs are then submitted to the Civil Service Board for review and approval.  All job specs reviewed by the Union so far have been approved by the Civil Service Board for implementation.

What Members Should Know about Performance Appraisals


Our Oakland Local 21 contract gives represented permanent City employees the right to a yearly performance appraisal.

As a rule, members’ annual  performance appraisals are due on April 30th.  Now is the time for the process to begin.

Members should soon be receiving employee questionnaires.  These questionnaires are used as a reference/guide before the final written performance appraisal is submitted in April. Members should be meeting with their supervisors before the final appraisal is completed. 

Oakland Local 21 Contract Settlement Reached!


After six months of difficult bargaining, and more than fifty (50) all-day bargaining sessions, Local 21 and Oakland City negotiators have reached a TENTATIVE AGREEMENT (TA) with the City on a new two year contract covering Local 21 represented Oakland members. 

Oakland Wins One for Local Government Transparency


It is official. Last week, a judge ordered the balconies in the City Hall chamber reopened for the public to access, just in time to allow maximum public participation in the final budget hearings in Oakland. This was because your union stood up for transparency and open government. 

Local 21 Joins MayDay Rallies in Oakland


Local 21 in collaboration with SEIU 1021 had a successful May Day event on May 1st in the City of Oakland.  We had over 170 members in attendance and we were later joined by ILWU and  #Blacklivesmatters.