Professional Engineers

Local 21’s San Francisco Professional Engineers’ chapter is comprised of professional engineers employed by CCSF. Collectively, they are responsible for the design and safety of much of our city’s buildings and infrastructure.

Chapter News and Events

Upcoming CCSF Worksite Meetings


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Department of Technology Denies Local 21 Member’s Union Rights


Instead of proceeding with the meeting per the requirements of the law, Ms. Drygas-Andryszewski physically barred the Local 21 representative from entering the room by standing in the doorway.

December 2016 SFMTA Employee Wellness Update


Welcome to the SFMTA Employee Wellness monthly update.

Local 21 Member Stephen Brooks Receives Award


Stephen Brooks, a safety officer and Local 21 member in San Francisco since 1999, was honored in June with the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Utilities Practice Specialty’s 2016 Safety Professional of the Year award.

San Francisco IT Members Work Around the Clock to Open the New Acute Trauma Center at Hospital


The new Acute Trauma Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFGH) opened on May 21, the culmination of years of planning and work.  Local 21 San Francisco IT Chapter Members are one group of Local 21 Members who contributed to the project, and have been an integral part of designing the new hospital in an era where medical services are increasingly dependent on technology.

After 10 Years, Equity for City IT Workers


Local 21 recently won a huge settlement agreement with the city that will provide raises for 200+ employees in the IT 1090 series. Years ago, the City moved most IT classes to a 10-step salary schedule series, but the 1090s were left behind in the old 5-step salary schedule, which over the years has led to a discrepancy in pay increases. This discrepancy will now be righted, because Local 21 has prevailed and secured an agreement from the City to move the 1090’s to a 10-step salary schedule.

Local 21, San Francisco Partner to Solve IT Hiring Crisis


Local 21 leadership has been working closely with the City for months to come up with win/win solutions to the IT Hiring Crisis that San Francisco currently faces. The City currently has more than 200 vacant IT job positions. Because of complex and lengthy hiring procedures, IT talent that could strengthen our public services and help relieve the burden on existing IT workers have gone elsewhere.

City Withholds $90,000 From Workers for Pre-Approved Educational Expenses


The Employee Development Fund (EDF) is a hard-won benefit that Local 21 negotiated to drive investment in member development. The fund enables members to receive the training they need to move up the Civil Service ranks and to provide the best city services.

As a result of recent negotiations, the fund was increased from $500,000 to $750,000 and the individual yearly cap was increased from $1,500 to $2,000.

More From Our Friends at REFUND AMERICA


Saqib Bhatti, our speaker from the recent Delegate Assembly and director of the Refund America project, has produced a new report on toxic municipal finance deals in Illinois. This study further illuminates the dangers of these deals in the Bay Area and around the country, and is well worth reading:

Local 21 Members Pound the Pavement to Limit Real Estate Interests in the City


The usually quiet June primary election proved to be a barn burner this year. Local 21 members volunteered for 96 shifts to get the vote out, helping to identify 14,000 supporters and walking dozens of precincts to encourage support for candidates and ballot measures that are good for public sector workers and their communities.