10/25/18 - Healthcare Bargaining Update #5

Healthcare Coalition Bargaining Update #5
It's Now or Never
Bargaining between the 9 Union Healthcare Coalition and the County continued on Tuesday, October 23rd.  At this session, the County signaled it was reaching the end of what it is willing to do for workers and their families with their latest proposal.  
Recap: As we previously reported, there have been some real gains at the table, including a proposal that would provide 100% coverage of all healthcare premium increases in 2019, as well as an agreement from the County to move from a fixed-dollar contribution to a set percentage of premiums, and to base that percentage on a better, non-deductible HMO plan. 
The problem is that the percentage remains too low to be competitive or provide the kind of relief members need to see across the 9 Union Coalition. At the last meeting, the County offered to cover 75% of premium costs based on the better, non-deductible HMO plan. The move, although significantly better than the County’s current contribution rate, would not bring the County out of last place for employee premium costs in the Bay Area. That’s not only not enough for Coalition members and our families, it’s not fair or just. 
The Coalition’s offer is reasonable. The Coalition has moved significantly in order to get to a FAIR deal. Our last proposal was for the County to get to 82.5% premium cost sharing, based on the better, non-deductible HMO plan, by the end of the 3-year deal. That’s a difference of about $2.2 million per year between the Coalition and County proposals. 
The County has the money to meet the union’s last offer.Contra Costa is the 4th richest county in the 5th largest economy in the world. Just this last year the County placed $61 Million into unassigned reserves. Additionally, the County is budgeting for anywhere from 1,800 to 2,000 vacant but funded positions annually, approximating $120 Million per year. If the County is serious about making change that the Coalition can live with, they can certainly do it. 
Members are putting pressure on the County, and it’s working. Workplace rallies have continued this week at 300 Ellinwood in Pleasant Hill, 50 Douglas in Martinez, and 2500 Alhambra in Martinez. Members have picked up signs and picketed in front of their worksite at lunch, showing the County that we are united and are not backing down. We know that our fight is a just fight, and our will remains strong and unbroken. We will not settle for last place. We need a healthcare fix that is meaningful and lasting or we will take this issue to full bargaining in 2019. 
The time to ramp up pressure is now! We are nearing the end of Healthcare Coalition Bargaining for 2018. See below for how you can add your voice to the fight and make a push to get to a fair deal at the table! Our pressure has already forced real movement. Let’s rise to the challenge! 
Open Enrollment is Here! What Should You Do?
Coalition members should go ahead and make their healthcare choice based on the current plan information. 
Since the Coalition does not have a deal at the table, members should proceed normally. If the County does the right thing and comes to a deal with us in 2018, the County has agreed to a second open enrollment period for Coalition members at that time. 
Attend an Upcoming  
Worksite Rally

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1. Attend a worksite rally 

2. Sign the Petition to the Board of Supervisors

3. Participate in Black Tuesdays


Coalition members are showing their support every Tuesday. Let's show them how many of us want affordable healthcare in Contra Costa County!
  • Wear Black every Tuesday
  • Wear a Healthcare Coalition sticker, button, or your union swag to work.

Need a sticker or other swag? Chapter leaders will be getting some soon. Find your chapter leader here.