2020 Executive Committee Officer Elections

The International Federation of Professional and 
Technical Engineers Local 21, AFL‑CIO
Executive Committee Officer Elections

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the election, please contact the Election21@ifpte21.org.

Election Notice

Election Guidelines

Union Election Calendar 

Key Dates

  • June 20: Election of Union Officer Election Committee by Delegate Assembly
  • July 23: Executive Committee Appoint Nomination Committee
  • August 3: Notice of Election 
  • August 28: Deadline for Nominations to Nominating Committee 
  • October 2: Deadline for Nomination Petitions
  • October 2: Cutoff Date for Member Eligibility 
  • November 2: Date of Election (ballots are mailed)
  • November 23: Deadline for Ballots (ballots must be received)
  • November 24: Vote Count