After 10 Years, Equity for City IT Workers

Local 21 recently won a huge settlement agreement with the city that will provide raises for 200+ employees in the IT 1090 series. Years ago, the City moved most IT classes to a 10-step salary schedule series, but the 1090s were left behind in the old 5-step salary schedule, which over the years has led to a discrepancy in pay increases. This discrepancy will now be righted, because Local 21 has prevailed and secured an agreement from the City to move the 1090’s to a 10-step salary schedule. We also fought to include a new top step to make sure that the most senior employees in the affected classes are not left out of the new deal. On July 1, 1090 series employees can expect to see a 2 to 2.5% increase, on top of the 3.25% negotiated increase. 1090s will also receive between approximately $850 and $950 in back pay. In order to make sure that all 1090s understand how the new salary step schedule will affect them, we have scheduled Informational Roadshows across the City. Any 1090 is welcome to attend a Roadshow near them in order to get specific information, no RSVP required. The scheduled Roadshows are as follows:

6/17: 12p-1p 1380 Howard St BHAC Conference Room Main Floor

6/21: 12p-1p ZSFGH Bldg 5 2nd Floor Conference Room 2A6

6/22: 12p-1p 1 South Van Ness DT Main Conference Room

6/25: 12p-1p 1650 Mission 3rd Floor Policy Room