Alameda Labor Council Honors Two Local 21 Members

Local 21 members filled two tables at the Alameda County Labor Council Award Dinner Friday night.  For the second year in a row, Local 21 members were among the honorees. 

Tom Manley, Local 21 Vice President for Legislative & Political Action, was honored for his volunteer political work, spending hundreds of hours phone banking and getting-out-the-vote in support of our candidates. 

One of our newest Local 21 members, Sharon Cornu, was named Unionist of the Year.  Sharon is the outgoing Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Council and is now Mayor Jean Quan’s advisor for intergovernmental relations.

The Alameda Labor Council is recognized nationwide as a political powerhouse.  In 2010 the Council turned-out over 1000 volunteers and ran phone banks in English, Chinese and Spanish.  Out of 59 endorsements given by the Council in 2010, the win record for Labor was 90%.