Bargaining Has Come to a Halt with the Port

We have come to an agreement on every single proposal in this round of negotiations, yet the Port will not sign the final TA’s. Why? Because they want to take-away fundamental union rights from your fellow Local 21 members. The Port claims that our contract rights do not give Unit J, the Deputy Port Attorneys, the right to appeal if they get terminated from employment. The cornerstone of what it means to be in a union is protection from being fired at the whim of a boss for no reason or an unjust reason. Why should the attorneys be treated any differently than any other union member we represent? Every single other person Local 21 represents at the Port has the right of just cause.

In the 6th bargaining session, which is after the deadline for making substantive contract proposals, the Port presented a comprehensive proposal to take away from the Unit J attorneys the most important rights in the contract:  just cause termination, seniority, hours of work and overtime, salary, professional standards, discipline and the grievance procedure. 

The Port claims this is just a “counter” to a clean-up proposal the Union made long ago for language regarding Unit J.  But it is not.   And, we would never agree to these take-aways for any of our members. This is a shameful attempt by the Port to pit employees against each other, and we will not stand for that.

We would like nothing more than to wrap this up and get everyone their COLA’s and a finished contract. The Port is trying to stall bargaining on this subject alone. Ask yourself this question: if they make this argument for Unit J, who will be the next group that the Port threatens with taking away union rights? Will you be next at the chopping block?

In the next few days, there will be a petition circulating for you to sign telling the Port to stop stalling and sign the contract. No discrimination against Unit J!