CCC August Bulletin

August 8, 2019

Remember to Check Your Paycheck!

Attention Local 21 Members in Contra Costa County:
You should see a 4% Cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) pay increase reflected in your base pay on your August 10 pay warrant. 3% COLAs will also occur July 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021 as part of the wage and benefit contract extensions negotiated with Contra Costa County by the Local 21 and 9-Union Healthcare Coalition bargaining teams last year.
Please remember...some Local 21-represented nursing and hospital supervisory and managerial classifications will not receive the 4% COLA effective July 1, 2019 due to separate, contractually negotiated salary linkages to the CNA contract which were agreed to by the County in prior contract negotiations to resolve internal salary compaction issues.

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Healthcare Update

Last year our 9-Union Healthcare Coalition won 100% County coverage of all 2019 health plan premium increases for employees. We also won a new healthcare cost-sharing structure starting in 2020 that will normalize the County’s contribution to our healthcare costs. You can learn more BY CLICKING HERE
The 9-Union Healthcare Coalition is currently working hard on the Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC) to find a quality replacement for Health Net starting in the 2020 plan year, as well as working with the County to achieve the best possible renewal rates for Kaiser and CCHP for 2020.
Regarding the Health Net replacement, because the County’s contribution to our healthcare costs is normalizing across all health plans starting in 2020, it means the County will no longer be over-subsidizing the Health Net premiums and under-subsidizing Kaiser moving forward. What the County pays for our healthcare next year will be equal across all health plans. This is great news for Kaiser’s participants whom will experience big healthcare savings next year due to the normalized County contribution. But for Health Net participants, we need to achieve significant premium savings in 2020 to keep the employee share of those costs similar to what they are now.  
The JLMBC is still in discussions with all of the health plan carriers, including with Kaiser and CCHP over their proposed renewal rates for 2020, as well as with the two finalists vying for the Health Net account over what their Last, Best, and Final offers for plan design, coverage networks, and premium costs will be.    
Local 21 members should send any questions or concerns regarding the work of the JLMBC to your JLMBC representatives Sue Guest, Chapter President, and Jenna Caldwell, Board Member.  Sue Guest and Jenna Caldwell

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Leadership Academy #2 is in the Works!

Whether you’ve already attended Local 21’s Leadership Academy as a longtime union activist or you are brand new to Local 21 and want to get involved, you are invited to Local 21’s Leadership Academy Retreat.
Space is limited, so RSVP ASAP. We will be discussing new ideas on how to build more power at worksites and address issues affecting labor in the legislative arena and beyond. 
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Spotlight on New Member: Patricia Perez

Patricia Perez has worked for Contra Costa County’s Employment and Human Services Department for over 20 years. In March of this year, she accepted a promotion as a Workforce Services Specialist, a position represented by IFPTE, Local 21. Patricia’s new role focuses on the planning and coordinating developmental efforts for establishing the CalWORKs Home Visiting Initiative (HVI) new service delivery system. CalWORKs HVI provides CalWORKs pregnant mothers and first time parents with in-home services. 
Welcome to Local 21, Patricia!

New Side Letter Clarifies Definitions of Promotion vs. Transfer

As a result of several grievances filed by our Union, the County recently worked with us to develop new and improved definitions of what constitutes a “promotion” versus a “transfer” within our bargaining unit.  This side letter is now in effect, resolving a longstanding issue. 

Until now, a move from one classification to another classification did not constitute a “promotion” unless the top step of the new classification was at least five percent (5%) greater than the top step of the former classification – even if the employee competed for the new position through the normal competitive process.  If the top step was not at least five percent (5%) greater, the move would be considered a “transfer,” which had corresponding impacts on their step placement in the new classification, their seniority, and more.

Moving forward, the new side letter guarantees that employees who successfully compete for a position in a new classification with a higher salary will have their appointments treated as “promotions.”  In short, the side letter removes the minimum five percent (5%) greater threshold and clarifies that it is a promotion if 1) the employee competes through the normal examination process and 2) the salary is greater. 

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Contra Costa Member Graduates from C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School

Contra Costa Local 21 member Durae Sheppard, an Accountant at Health Services, recently participated in and graduated from the UC Berkeley Labor Center’s C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School, which aims to “train union and community members active in the Black community so they can strengthen relationships between the Black community and the labor movement.”  

Taking place over six Saturdays and focusing on issues ranging from the conditions of Black workers in Contra Costa County to the impacts of mass incarceration, the prestigious program brings together Black union members and community activists from around Contra Costa County and the Bay Area for training, workshops, field work, and community building.

Altogether, three Local 21 members participated in the program this year.  As the program ended, Durae reflected:

"Thanks to my Union for encouraging me to pursue this great opportunity. I’ve learned so much about organizing & advocating; I’m ready to do the work!"

Thank you to Durae for your ongoing leadership!

What Could Your Dept. Do With $Millions More per Year in Funding?
There is a major proposition on the ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election that would change the game when it comes to funding our cities and COUNTIES and pulling California schools up from the bottom of the pack in school spending. Schools and Communities First would reform California commercial property tax policy so that corporations pay their fair share, and won’t increase costs for homeowners and small businesses.
Right now homeowners have 72% of the tax burden while corporations pay only 28%. Fixing this imbalance would restore an estimated $11 billion per year to California, including $347 million per year to Contra Costa County. As public servants we know what this kind of funding could do for our services, our communities, and our jobs. It’s also the fair thing to do.
Schools and Communities First will:

  • Restore over $11 Billion a year for our Schools and Local Services.
  • Reform commercial property tax policy (reassessment based on market value), while guaranteeing existing protections for residential property and agricultural land.
  • Help small business by eliminating the burdensome business personal property tax while also leveling the playing field for new businesses.
  • Mandate transparency and accountability for all revenue restored to California’s schools and local communities.

We can no longer afford to keep giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and big corporations. Closing California’s commercial property tax loophole restores billions for vital community services that Local 21 members provide. It would also help bolster the County’s financial condition, which has been a major impediment every time we fight at the bargaining table for more affordable healthcare and fair pay for the County’s workers.
Join Us. The other side is going to spend millions to defeat this campaign, but we can win with people power.
Learn more about Schools and Communities First

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