City Implements Our Fair Share Fee

Under our contract, Local 21 may demand implementation of a Fair Share Fee in any bargaining unit that has at least 2/3 union membership.

Last month, we notified the City that several designated fee payers in a unit that exceeds the 2/3 threshold, are neither members nor paying the fair share fee. Per our contract, we asked that payroll deductions begin the first pay period in August. At the same time, we wrote to each non-member, no-fee employee inviting them to a special lunch meeting to explain why the fee was being implemented and the importance of union membership. 
Although membership in the Union is not required, the law permits a fair share fee provision because the Union must provide representation without discrimination in employment related matters including wages, benefits, working conditions and other employment related issues. Fair share fees are assessed for this equal level of representation, which are equivalent to membership dues – just 0.963%, or less than 1%  of your salary. 
City employees have had challenges making ends meet since the 2008 downturn. However, many fee payers realized that without the Union, they would be in a worse position facing continuing takeaways instead of seeing the 4.62% wage reduction restored and three 1% raises scheduled. 
Although fee payers are now being assessed a fee, we encourage all fee-payers and non-members to join the Union. Local 21 is most effective in representing the interests of our professional public sector members when membership is at a high level. As members you also have a say in the Union’s decisions, including voting on contracts and providing input on critical decisions that impact your wages, benefits, and working conditions.