City of San Jose Engineers and Architects Recent Contract Agreement Includes Modest Pay Restoration

On Wednesday, September 25 San Jose's Association of Engineers and Architects (AEA) reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the City of San Jose.  After six months of negotiating, the deal would provide Members a 2 percent salary restoration which would represent a good first step in recovering the 10 percent wage concessions our Members had contributed in the past.  The TA also includes a signing bonus equal to the 2 percent salary increase the City gave retroactive to June to the other Unions who had settled previously.  The AEA Bargaining Team also won:

  • an increase in premium pay for employees who have or attain specific licenses or registrations;
  • the addition of a vision care plan;
  • an increase in the types of memberships the City reimburses;
  • the maintenance of the City's Sick Leave Payout program;
  • an increase in reimbursements for professional development;
  • enhancements to the City's Working in a Higher Classification timelines and compensation.

Members are scheduled to vote on the Tentative Agreement on Wednesday, October 2.