Contra Costa Bulletin - Dec. 2017

Have an Excellent Holiday and a
Happy New Year

A successful Chapter Holiday party was held on Friday, December 8, at the COBRA Museum in Martinez. Members from across Contra Costa County attended, with many bringing family and friends as guests.  In addition to touring the excellent museum, there was music, food, and conversation to be had, as well as raffle prizes. Twenty-five lucky members had their numbers called. 

As 2017 comes to a close and we enter another new year, the occasion offered a chance to reflect, connect, and engage as a union in a unique and welcoming way.  Members heard from some special guests, including striking workers represented by the Machinists Union at Henkel Corporation in Bay Point.  Fighting for improved safety and a better contract, these striking workers have been on the picket line for nearly two months. 

A donation drive raised several hundred dollars for the Machinist’s Strike Fund: money used to cover rent, bills, food, and medicine as these striking workers stand up for GOOD and SAFE jobs on the Contra Costa Northern Waterfront. A special THANK YOU to all members who donated to the Strike Fund, including those who donated food and beverage to help sustain those on the picket line.

Members also heard from County Supervisor John Gioia, another special guest.  Supervisor Gioia focused on the important work performed by Local 21 members across Contra Costa County every day.  At the end of Gioia’s speech, he was presented with the Chapter’s first ever award for “Outstanding Leadership in Public Service.”  Thank you to Supervisor Gioia for joining us.  We look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond!

Know Your Chapter Leadership

Sue Guest - President 
Health Services, Public Health

Scott Hutchison - Vice President

Margie Valdez - Chief Steward
Public Works

Adam Down - Sergeant at Arms
Health Services, Behavioral Health

Amrita Kauer - Secretary

Sam Rosales
Health Services, Detention

Gabriel Lemus
Conservation & Development

Karen Lloyd
Health Services, CCRMC

Jenna Caldwell
Public Works

Ayore Riaunda
Health Services, Finance

Marc Miyashiro
Health Services, IT

George Carter III

Peter Ordaz
Health Services, Behavioral Health

Gina Chenoweth

Two members have recently commenced training as part of the Local 21 Steward Program, including Flo Fraesier at the Public Defender’s Office and Jeff Valerosat Public Works.  Thank you to Flo and Jeff for stepping up on behalf of your colleagues!

If you are interested in completing the Steward Program and joining the Chapter Steward Council, please contact Chief Steward Margie Valdez or Local 21 staff.


Your Right to Representation - Weingarten Rights

"Could anything we discuss potentially result in disciplinary action?" - a Local 21 Member Informed of Their Rights

If the answer is anything but NO, invoke your right to representation and call your union representative!
IFPTE Local 21-represented employees have a right to union representation. Anytime a manager, supervisor, or HR or Personnel representative asks you to participate in questioning or an interview, or even an informal discussion that could result in disciplinary action against you or another employee, you have a right to contact your union for proper representation. Those rights –Weingarten Rights – are established by law, and Local 21 members are always encouraged to exercise your Weingarten Rights.

If you have a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what you say, you have the right to request representation by Local 21. These are your Weingarten Rights

Management is under NO obligation to inform you of your Weingarten Rights; it is your responsibility to know and request. Therefore, you must inform management that you are exercising your right to request union representation. Then, you should immediately call Local 21 at the Martinez Office (925) 313-9102 or contact a Union Steward in your work area.  

If you are asked to to waive your right to union representation, never do so. 

Don’t ever face an investigation on your own. Always exercise your Weingarten Rights.
 IFPTE Local 21 is here for you.