Contra Costa Bulletin - July 2018

$$$$ PAY RAISE to Hit Local 21 Members’ Paychecks $$$$

In 2016, IFPTE Local 21 helped lead the way among general employee unions during contract bargaining by winning a 10% overall pay-raise package and completing contract negotiations before the contract expiration deadline.

The last union-negotiated pay increase of that contract took effect July 1, 2018. As a result, the base rate of pay for ALL classifications represented by Local 21, excluding various nursing manager classifications whose pay scales were linked to the CNA contract, will be increased by three percent (3%) and reflected in your August 10th paycheck.

“These pay raises aren’t just given to us by the CAO or Board of Supervisors as gifts; we have to negotiate for them,” says Sue Guest, Local 21 CCC Chapter President. “That’s why we constantly ask employees to JOIN LOCAL 21 and participate to ensure we are at maximum strength when we negotiate.”

All Local 21 members should check your paychecks August 10th. If your pay raise is not included, contact our Martinez office immediately.
Patient Relations Services Coordinator Lillian Quinones shows her support at a Union Healthcare Coalition action at CCRMC.
County Employees Call for Real Solutions to High Healthcare Costs

Nine Contra Costa Unions including Local 21 are working together to demand real healthcare solutions for Contra Costa County employees. Employees at worksites across the county are placing calls to their Board of Supervisors' offices asking them to urge the County CAO's office to work in good faith with our unions to fix Contra Costa County's costly, broken healthcare system. So far the Board of Supervisors is hearing us: office staff have reported getting hundreds of calls from Union members over the last two weeks. 

We must keep calling! We urge all Local-21 represented employees to please place five quick phone calls during your breaks (using the script below), and spread the word to all Union-represented employees at your work sites. When we stand together we have a strong voice, so let's use it! Every call counts. Please make your calls today!
Contra Costa County employees gather at a worksite phone bank on July 19th.

General Membership Meeting - NEW LOCATION
Wednesday, July 25th, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
 (lunch provided)
1333 Pine Street, Martinez - Downstairs Conference Room

Worksite Meeting

Thursday, July 26th, 12:00 - 1:00 (lunch provided)
50 Douglas Drive, Martinez - Mt. Diablo Room
Fact or Fiction? Don’t be Fooled! 

We have learned that in the coming weeks and months, paid agents working for anti-Union interests will be approaching us – either in person, by mail, or by using paid or social media – and asking us to drop our union memberships in an effort to disempower public sector Unions. We can fact-check what they are likely to say.

We understand that to fix Contra Costa County’s costly, broken healthcare system for employees and to win fair wage increases and working conditions during 2019 contract bargaining, we must retain a high membership rate and stay strong and united in Local 21.

We’re also extremely proud that the Contra Costa County chapter of Local 21 has over 93% membership. It’s clear that we support our Union, and we will not be fooled by billionaire-funded efforts to convince us to abandon our Union membership rights!

Please be prepared! If someone comes to you and tells you that it’s in your best interest to drop your union membership, tell them:

"I Choose to Stand with my Co-workers. I Choose LOCAL 21."
Become a Member or Recommit TODAY! Sign the GOLD CARD Here!