Contra Costa County Chapter Wins a 3-Year Deal!


For the first time in chapter history, Contra Costa County Members have secured a successor contract before the expiration of the current Memorandum of Understanding. 
The Contra Costa Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement for a successor contract with the County on June 7.  Members voted overwhelmingly in favor of ratifying the agreement during the week of June 13, and the Board of Supervisors approved the agreement on June 21. 
The Local 21 Bargaining Team met with the County’s Negotiator at least once a week every week since March.  In the field, the campaign included dozens of worksite meetings across Contra Costa and a coordinated display of union solidarity through a member-led button campaign.   
As a result of this hard work and solidarity, Contra Costa County chapter Members have won a deal they can be proud of. Building on the progress of last year’s health care negotiations, the new Tentative Agreement will provide a 4% across the board wage increase effective July 1 of this year, followed by across the board wage increases of 3% each year through 2019.  
This will be the longest term of any Local 21 contract in Contra Costa since the chapter was organized.
In addition to providing fair wage increases, the Agreement also resolves longstanding issues around internal salary compaction, implements State Disability Insurance for Bargaining Unit Members, clarifies and improves rules around vacation and transfers, and improves the contract’s grievance procedure.  
We thank Bargaining Team Members Sue Guest, Scott Hutchison, Margie Valdez, Joe Doser, Dave Silva, Gabriel Lemus, Marc Miyashiro, George Carter, Adam Down, Ayore Riaunda, and John Steere for their service and leadership in securing a fair contract that provides much needed improvements and economic relief for Local 21 Members and their families.