Contra Costa Executive Board Election

From September until November, the Nominations and Elections Committee accepted nominations for the upcoming term of the Executive Board.

The Nominations and Elections Committee received several nomination petitions from Contra Costa County members in good standing; however, no positions or seats on the Executive Board were ultimately contested.

Therefore, nominated members in good standing are be elected by acclimation.

The Contra Costa County Executive Board for the upcoming term will include:




Sue Guest (Health Services, Public Health)

Vice President

Scott Hutchinson (Sheriff)

Chief Steward

Margie Valdez (Public Works)


Amrita Kaur (Employment & Human Services) *

Sergeant at Arms

Adam Down (Health Services, Administration)


Adore Riaunda (Health Services, Finance)

Senior Unit Representative, Supervisors

Karen Lloyd (Health Services, CCRMC) *

Senior Unit Representative, Professionals

Sam Rosales (Health Services, Detention)

Representative at Large

Marc Miyashiro (Health Services, IT)

Representative at Large

Gabriel Lemus (Conservation & Development)

Representative at Large

George Carter III (Employment & Human Services)

Representative at Large

Jenna Caldwell (Public Works)

Representative at Large

Gayle Walls Burns (Employment & Human Services) *

Representative at Large

Lynn Field (Health Services) *

There are several Representative at Large positions that remain vacant. Serving as a Representative at Large is an excellent opportunity to represent and advocate on behalf of your colleagues in your immediate work area or unit on our Chapter’s steering committee. All members to the Executive Board carry a vote, including Representatives at Large.  If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact Chapter President Sue Guest at

* = new to Executive Board; nomination received during open nomination period.