Courts Members Push to Share Budget Surplus

Members of both the san Francisco Court professional and reporter units finally reached a agreement after many months of bargaining over a wage reopener with the Court. The Court finished the fiscal year with a $16 million surplus which they are required to spend down by July 2014 or return to the State.  Although we were told three years ago that if there was money in July of 2014, it would be shared with employees, the Court reversed course and took the position that there was not enough for an increase or bonus.  All $16 million was spent or earmarked with nothing for the employees. 
After months of negotiating and a strike called by SEIU that both Local 21 bargaining units participated in, the Court made an economic proposal.The proposal included five floating holidays that had to be used or cashed out before the end of the fiscal year.  Both Local 21 units ratified the agreement which will take effect January 1, 2015.